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Covered Components

Guarantee VC Offers Versatile Warranty Packages to Suit Your Needs

Powertrain Plan

Powertrain Plus Plan

3 Star Plan

5 Star Plan

5 Star Hi-Tech Plan

Covers all the Following ComponentsAll Powertrain
Components Plus…
All Powertrain Plus Components Plus…All 3 Star Components Plus…All 5 Star Components Plus…
• Engine• Air Conditioning• Electronic Ignition• Electric System-Extended• Navigation System
• Turbo Charger• Seals & Gaskets• Sensors• Cooling System• Entertainment System
• Transmission• Electric System• Fuel Injection System• Front Suspension• Telephone System
• Transfer Case
• Brakes• Rear Suspension• Airbag Electronics
• Differential
• ABS Brakes• Other Elements

• Power Steering